Records for collectors

Some decades ago we started collecting old records, some Jazz, Blues, RnB, Rock & Roll and popular from the 20s to 50s.
As the music-industry started with a small new silver medium, that hence everybody christened "CD", re-issuing old music on CD started with the death of the vinyl record.

Since the late 80s a lot of vintage music has been re-issued, but in our opinion as collectors, often definetively NOT in the sense of collectors. The first CD I have bought was an issue of 50s Count Basie-tracks in the late 80s, but the artwork was more than horrible!

We just started to try making things better and by now, we can retrospect on a large number of issues, mainly on Bear Family Records, we are very proud of!

Remember the oevre, when opening a package of records from your latest auction? Our aim is to transpose the feel of good old (and sometimes damaged) records to today's buying public.