The Retrograph seems to be a machine: Something new and clean
will thrown in and after a while, you might get a tatty-looking piece of artefact, that seems to smell after the last 60 years in a cellar!

Our aim is to rescue the past into our hectic way of life!
We want to create for the sophisticated record collector
as well as for the "newcomer", who never
has had a real record in his stack!

As DJs for old (and danceable) Swing-music, as dance-instructors,
film-actors, radio-DJs, lifestyle-advisors for film and theatre-
productions and with our graphical artwork, we are the right partner
for historical productions!

After three decades of discriminated collecting, we are able to dig from a source of about 10.ooo+ old records, tons of old magazines and sheet-music, paper-goods, books on subjects, instruments, artefacts and paraphernalia.

As you might think, neither the PCs nor the mouses
are (unfortunately) made of bakelite!
Our technical equipment is up-to-date
(speaking with a Count Basie-tune).

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