HOPPLA! - 6-CD Audiobook
Die Weill/Lenya-Biographie


DPA 8/2006
Dieses Hörbuch hat gute Chancen,
ein begehrtes Sammlerstück zu werden.

Dr. Hans-Gerhard Lichthorn
Hoppla - da haben Sie wieder mal ein Meisterstück abgeliefert!
Ich bin begeistert von der aufwändigen und liebevollen Ausstattung.
(Lenyas producer of the Philips-recordings in the 50s)

Personal Thoughts

Oh gosh, a journey back in time as far back as to the 1920s.
My first thoughts went to the "Bauhaus" first located in Weimar/Germany and then in Dessau/Germany. - At that time, the Bauhaus was the extravagant nerve of the elite of German artists under Mies Van Der Rohe, Kandinski, Nagy, Brauer et all. (and later was stamped as "entartet" by the Nazi-party)
At that time, I am very sure, there was a connection to the works of Berthold Brecht, Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill!
So my first sketches for the title of the box went to the Bauhaus, and as these sketches went wrong for the title, I used the design for the labels, real "Modernism" straight from 2006.
The idea, taking different motifs for the 6 record-sleeves was natural for me. Everybody could make 6 equal sleeves, but they should be completely different, matching the decade! - I had some original photo-envylopes in my stock and used the motifs, corosponding to the years happening on the CD.
The inner box is a piece of original fabric from my girlfriend's 1930s blouse and the "3 Groschen" pictured inside right below are truly original artefacts.
Interesting for me, that the German critics praise the recorded content of this work, but barely tell a word about the design and artwork (completely from US or UK critics!).